ALTA | Transport made easy

The New ALTA platform includes our proprietary foldable “Air Frame” design. With a compact size and nimble maneuverability, the ALTA flies solo and connects to a series of designed “Pods”, enabling Astro’s modular system to perform across an array of applications, such as passenger, cargo, agricultural, med-evac, rescue, military, and many others.

Astro ALTA LaFRa

The ALTA LaFRa (Low-altitude Fast Response aircraft) is the newest pod concept to join Astro’s ALTA fleet of Pods and will target search and rescue as well as ambulance/medical applications.

Astro ALTA Med-Evac

The ALTA LaFRa Pod utilizes our modified "CockPit" platform and includes medical beds, on-board oxygen supply, and ease of entry and exit features

Astro ALTA Cargo

Our ALTA Cargo Pod (Orbit) embraces a simplistic design to maximize available volume and payload cargo capacity, allowing for easy-on and easy-off boarding of materials and goods.

Astro ALTA Cockpit

Our ALTA Cockpit 2 and 4-person Pods are the newest additions to our PassengerDrone program. The two new models compliment our original 2016 Elroy design, which was one of the first eVTOLs worldwide to fly successfully both unmanned and manned.

Astro ALTA Fold

The compact size and proprietary foldable design system allow ALTA to fit nicely into a standard 20ft shipping container for ease of transport. The 2-way hinge mechanism allows for swinging in both directions, up and down, creating convenience for storage, transportation, and maintenance.

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