Future meets function

As one of the world’s first fully-functional, autonomous aerial vehicles, ELROY is sleek, simple, and environmentally efficient, epitomizing the ideal vehicle of the modern age.

Seamless flight control and navigation

ELROY is equipped with high-end technologies including Adaptive Flight Control, Fiber Optic Internal Communications, Field Oriented Motor Control, and Encrypted Communication Channels. ELROY can take off, land, and perform all stages of flight completely autonomously, guided securely via LTE (4G) or on-board controls. You can take over at any time the Touch Flight Control or fly-by-wire joystick.

ELROY can take off, land and perform all stages of flight maneuvering completely autonomously, guided securely via LTE (4G) network, or on board controlled. You can take over at any time via the Touch Flight Control or fly-by-wire joystick.

A leader in flight support system

ELROY uses cutting-edge technology wrapped with user-friendly interface. The Glass Cockpit Avionics flight support software allows passengers to input their destination quickly and fly there precisely without the use of a joystick (a joystick is provided for fly-by-wire override).

Unmatched connectivity

Equipped with remote LTE (4G) telemetry and control capability, ELROY can send flight information in real time using situational awareness, ADS-B display of local air traffic, a real time weather radar, and immersive 3D terrain data. ELROY aircraft can also be remotely controlled by the Ground Control and Monitoring Center, allowing an operator located as far away as Europe or Asia to fly a North American-based aircraft safely and efficiently

ELROY is run strictly on fiber optics. With the exception of the main power cables, there is not a single wire in the entire aircraft. From the connection between the Joystick to Main Control CPU to every engine controller and the navigation screens, everything is communicated by light.

First in class

  • Fiber Optic Internal Communications
  • Touch Flight Control
  • Adaptive Flight Control Software
  • Encrypted Communication Channels
  • Field Oriented Motor Control
  • Fly-by-wire joystick
  • LTE (4G) network
  • Glass Cockpit Avionics


Empty Weight
Max Take Off Weight
Max Thrust
Max Speed
Flight Time
Max Payload

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