ELROY | Flight made easy

In this integrated world, simple and seamless designs are key in At , we believe drones are tools that should be user friendly and 100% foolproof.

Fast and efficient travel

Our drones eliminate the need for gearboxes, water-cooling systems, or aerodynamic steering flaps. utfitted with fiber optic technology, our drones process data , ultimately reducing overall aircraft weight and magnetic interference. And with our custom-designed Touch Flight Control, you’ll be up in the air within just minutes of entering ELROY

An eco-friendly commute

Ideal for operating in densely populated urban environments, ELROY is the environmentally friendly solution to long commutes. Its high-performance electric motor was designed to run quietly, fluidly, and completely emission-free.

First in class

The vehicle’s full carbon body and sleek design provide optimal comfort and protection while maximizing structural efficiency. Equipped with 16 individual rotors, ASTRO aerial vehicles are first in their class for Safety, Reliability, and Redundancy.

Stable and smooth flight

Our in-house developed adaptive flight control algorithm keeps the ELROY drone stable in most weather conditions with hardly any vibration, ensuring a smooth flight for even the weariest of travelers.

Compact size

Slightly larger than a compact car, ELROY drones are unexpectedly quiet and can fit into most garage spaces.

360° surround view

A bird’s eye view without the view? Not a chance. ELROY was specifically designed with wide cabin glass for optimal comfort and a 360°surround view resulting in a unique travel experience.


Empty Weight
Max Take Off Weight
Max Thrust
Max Speed
Flight Time
Max Payload

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