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ASTRO Aerospace is the ONLY public pure play company globally that has a functioning technology in a working, full-scale prototype.

Our Vision

Our vision is “Flight Made Easy”, to build and distribute the safest, most reliable and efficient autonomous, electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) vehicles for the world market. 

Our Mission

ASTRO’s mission is to create and distribute eVTOL aircraft that are safe, accessible, affordable and user-friendly.

Our Solution

Our solution is to commercialize our technology and sell it to the government and private sectors, so that it can be used for military operations, search and rescue, commercial deliveries, sight-seeing, personal flight, and more.

Currently, we have a working prototype that features a carbon fibre shell, and 16 independent rotors to enable flight. In the cockpit is a touch control system, allowing pilots to fly manually or switch to autonomous mode. Though there's no confirmed release date as of yet, ASTRO foresees the vehicle to be used across a variety of industries - from personal, to agricultural to military uses and many in between.

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Like many technologies before it, drones have emerged beyond their military origins to become valuable tools across various industries. By 2020, drones will reach an estimated $100 billion market opportunity, aided by growing demand from commercial and civil government sectors (Source: Goldman Sachs Research).

Dedicated to the Future of things to come, ASTRO is at the forefront of this disruptive aerial vehicle industry, continually exploring ways to apply our technology to global challenges such as traffic congestion, pollution and the overall stresses of daily life.

With an elevated perspective on commuting, ASTRO gives the world an opportunity to connect with new possibilities and exciting investment opportunities. As the quintessential vehicle of the Modern Age, ASTRO offers a chance to reclaim control over out time, wellbeing and impact on the environment, allowing us to focus on the things that matter most.

Let's change our perspective. Get off the ground. Fly ASTRO